Sunday, August 13, 2006


Chips are simply a delivery system for salsa. It's the same way with popcorn. Popcorn exists as a shuttle for salt and butter to enter my mouth. While I eat at La Frontera, the chips are massive trains that carry the delicious and life-giving salsa to my mouth. That is all.

Wow, lots of write about. I have so much to say it's ridiculous. I always have so much to say.

Trouble is, I noticed this last week that people can only take so much. I can talk for days and days, but the longer I talk, the less important the stuff I said at the beginning becomes. Supply and demand. If I were only allowed to say one sentence a day, I'd have to make sure that that sentence was quality. However, since I'm allowed to say infinitely many sentences a day, they become much less important.

As the number of sentences I write goes up, the value of each sentences goes down.

I have recently become very fascinated with mathematical models of everything. I love math, I love the logic flow and the definite answers it's got. It sets down rules, and then plugs stuff into it to produce predictable results. I'm going to start modeling more stuff with math. More theorems, more such business.

Change. It's coming, it's heavy now. It's all over the place, bigger than I've ever seen it. It's a huge crossroads. Right here, right now. Here we stand at the fork.

Things are changing everywhere. School is nearly upon us. Things are changing with the scout troop. Things are changing with the ward. Decisions are being made, stuff is changing.

That's an exciting thought. Things are moving, and motion is a good thing.

The key now is to move in the right direction. Things are in shake up mode. There was a shake up last year around this time as well. Right now is the prime opportunity to sneak in and make the moves that you've always wanted to. Nothing is set in stone right now. If you've been a janitor your whole life, right now is the time to run away and start law school. The future is wide open. Nothing is written. Go ahead, change your destiny.

So, that was sorta weird. But yeah.

Therefore, here's the new plan. Due to the recent success of blogaday, I've decided to change the way things are done around here. There's gonna be daily updates. That's the plan for now. Sometimes they won't be very big, and sometimes they won't fit into continuity. But they'll be there. This thing is going to be stable. The key will be to write a ton when I feel like writing, but delay the deployment of those posts.

It goes back to what I postulated earlier. The more I say, the less important each sentence is. If that statement holds true, one huge post on sunday night is of less value than that same post spread out into 6 smaller posts throughout the week.

Now, this theorem might not hold true, in which case I'll switch back to the older way of doing things. But I'm going to try it out. It might work, it might not. Either way, it'll be an adventure.

I feel odd right now. It seems very late to me. That's probably because of scout camp. I always went to bed late on camp, but things were just different up there. So maybe that's it. I don't like being the last guy to go to bed, even though I am.

Anyways, it was Sunday, and Sundays are great. Today has been nice. Tomorrow ought to be good as well. I'm going to get some work done. I've gotta go to practice in the morning. I was at camp all last week, so I didn't practice with the team, but I ran a little up there. I swam a ton as well, so I ought to be a little better off than the last time I missed a weeks worth of practice. I'm excited to go be with the team again, it's a great little group we've got. Coach is super cool, the kids are all really good kids. I like those guys, what can I say?

Yea verily, there is a post coming tomorrow. Anyways, here are the big plans that are coming up, the one's I'm excited about.

1) Cross country work. Hard. I'm going to bust it out this week, it's going to be great.

2) Hello stomp. Thursday night, after all that registration business, there's the PTSA stomp. I normally wouldn't go, but Sharpe is the guy who's in charge, and he asked me to help set up and stuff. Therefore I'm going to be there, and I need you all to be there too. It'll be fun.

3) Homework. Got to start and finish my American History work. It can't be that bad.

4) Frisbee propaganda. We're going to make a really short frisbee montage. Sorta like a halo montage. Unforunately, since we didn't film at all this summer, it's going to have to be staged. Anyways, we're making the montage to help recruit for the club, which I am still fully devoted to. It's going to work.

5) School preparations: I gotta get ready to get back to school. It's gonna be so fun.

6) The Doodle Project. Once school starts, I'm going to be actively collecting doodles from everyone. I'm gonna find a budget scanner somewhere, then scan them all and throw them up on a blog. if I do this forever, it'll eventually end up as a portrait of junior year. Doodles are powerful, they reflect alot of stuff. All of my doodles last year were themed, they were based on what MJ was saying. Even if it was subconsciously. Therefore, I'm going to be stealing everyone's doodles, then compiling them, putting them all up. Sort them by date, by subject, by class period written, whatever. I'm very interested to see how it works out. So, be prepared to be doodled, then have those doodles stolen.

7) The Noodle Project. Similar in design to the doodle project. This one involves me stealing your noodles then eating them. I'm a hungry man.

8) More life theory. More theory in general. I think it's time to start putting alot more of the philosophy sort of stuff back into the blog. Why? Because that's how I feel.

9) More graphs. As I make more theorems and such, I shall graph them. Yay.

10) Get my eagle. I'm close, and I want it bad. I'm getting closer every day. Excellent.

11) Frisbee mad action. With the help of our propaganda video, we shall create the Frisbee club during club rush week. Mama withers shall be our sponsor, and I shall be the president. We will work out the other details in the coming week, but here's what you can expect.

-Training clinics. We're going to teach any and everyone how to play. We're going to start at the very basics, then move up and up. It'll be geared towards everyone, and we'll move fast. By the time we're through, you're going to be able to forehand, backhand, and have an idea of what a hammer ought to be. You'll be able to catch, play defense, play offense, and cut. It'll be basic training. We're going to make the sport accessible to anyone who wants it.

-Fitness programs. You've got to be fit to play frisbee. Even if we only have one meeting a week, or one meeting every two weeks, we're going to have a little workout at every one. It won't be too hard, but it'll get your blood pumping and increase a couple skills. By the end of the year, you'll be able to run faster, run longer, jump higher, breathe easier. Ultimate, this club will get you in better shape.

-Weekly games. We're going to have pickup games when available. These will be just for fun, just for recreation. Come play a game. Relaxed

-The Taylorsville Invitational. We will find every 'team' out there that we can, and on one Friday invite them to come down to T-ville and play. We'll see how many we can get. We'll try to find high school club teams, and invite them to come play. If possible, we'll have a prize for winning, but probably not. It'll be a big event, we'll have a tournament. It'll be really hard to get moving, but I think we can do it. We'll have spectators, we'll have people, we'll have the highest quality frisbee you've ever seen. Of course, this is going to be the hardest to pull off, but it's going to be raging.

-Calling you out, Cottonwood. We're going to have a school club. Word on the street is that cottonwood has one too. If nothing else works, we will play cottonwood indefinitely. We'll get our best guys together, and then we'll send them a DVD challenge. Or something like that. Maybe we won't find enough teams for an invitational, but we can at least do a duel. It'd be so amazing, their best vs. our best. Mathematically, it should be twice as good as frisbee friday. Instead of splitting up the best guys among two teams, you have one team of the best guys, and another team of the best cottonwood has to offer. The most intense frisbee ever. We're going to call them out, just as soon as we're good.

-Social Support. We're going to have a frisbee club, but we're gonna have non frisbee activities all the time. If all y'alls wanna party down, it's great. We're gonna be friends. It's going to be tight.

-Physics/Chemistry/Math help. Free help to any member, from any member in the frisbee club. You can't say we don't stick together.

So there you have it, the frisbee club. My big project for next year. Cross country is my duty, Ultimate is my passion.

This next week centers around getting my homework done, getting the frisbee montage started, working on scout stuff, and helping mom with jolenes. Chances are I'm going to have to actually work at a store this wednesday. That's a scary thought. More to come on that wednesday evening though.

Here's what to expect coming later this week, in no particular order.

Life theory: Practice
Life Theory: Take it home
Scout camp story time
The dream field
Water day 2
I miss region dances
The Mountain Man Project

And whatever else I think of.

The future looks bright. The past smiles gently on today.

What do I work for?

For yesterday's tomorrow.


Nick said...

All right, I may not be good at frisbee, but I'm excited nonetheless. Just don't put me on the best of the best team to face C-wood, okay? Score it, I like theorems. I'm also excited for the Doodle Project, I plan on contributing heavily to that.

Courtney said...

wow. this is going to be amazing. sharpe is in charge of the hello stomp. i'm soo freaking excited now. i wasn't gonna go, but now...oh yes, i will be there.

the doodle project is awesome. i'm excited.

have fun w/ frisbee stuff. i'll be there to watch.

overall, great post. lots of fun stuff. boo history homework.