Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blogaday day 6!

whoosh, just one day left.

This one is going to be short. I've got CC practice in 6 hours. Wow, need more sleep.

So let's talk. No reason for the small news. Swimming was real fun this morning, I loved it. The greatest feeling was when we went to great harvest afterwards though. Me, Selck, and Jared decided that we were gonna go get free bread. We hopped in our cars, cruised over then, and walked in. We felt a little akward just asking for free bread, it's hard to do. We're all nice little good kids who don't wanna be moochers. The task fell on me to inform the nice lady why we were there.

Her: "Hi, what are you guys in the mood for today?"

Me: "Hey, (Smile) we sorta feel like being moochers today."

Her: "Oh yeah?"

Me: "Uhh.... yeah, so we were thinking, that you could help sponsor the Taylorsville cross country team by giving us free bread. Yeah."

Her: "good deal."

See, here's the best part. She gets paid to be friendly and nice and give us free bread. So really, even with all my great smoothness, we would have ended up with free bread. Good thing, cause I'm not good at this whole "social" stuff. I really can't carry on a conversation with a girl, lets face it.

But really, it was great, because we had just worked pretty hard at practice, had a ton of fun just messing around, but when we were all done, tired, and beat, we decided to go get free bread. It was so great to just be able to do that. Without a worry, we just drove over there. Carefree as could be, we got free bread. For just a little bit, things were perfect. Standing outside great harvest with my wet shorts still on, eating my sunflower whole wheat slice with butter and honey. It was overcast outside, I love overcast. A slight breeze, making jokes with Selck and Jared. It was really good times, I loved it.

Sometimes things like that just happen. Where life is all the sudden perfect for a little bit. Maybe you don't really realize it right at the time, but nothing is wrong right then. You're just happy to be alive. You breathe a little deeper, smile for just a little longer. Things are perfect standing outside great harvest, tired legs and lungs, wet shorts and wet hair, that slight little breeze playing along your ankles. I just wanna breathe it in, it was great.

So that's my inspirational idea of the day. Sometimes things are just perfect. A little bit later they're not gonna be, and that's ok. You've just gotta love and appreciate those moments for what they are. You can't really try to make them last longer than they're supposed to. But it's a nice little gift, use it, love it, and remember it.


Frisbee tonight was good, it was a different night though. It was windy, and wind does weird things. Some people play better, some people play worse. I play worse.

Some people had great nights, others had harder nights. Everybody has hard nights though. It's sorta just what happens. Sometimes your throws just don't work, and that's alright. You accept it, move on. It beats you up, but you know that there's always going to be next week. There's always another chance to redeem yourself.

I love how many people love frisbee. I remember in Junior high I was always trying to get people together to come play. It never really worked out, we weren't good. I felt like i was trying to force it on everybody, all that jazz.

And so I sorta felt like that a while ago, when I was making another big push. Trying to get everyone to come play, trying to make us great. I kept telling people to come, all that jazz.

But really, people are coming of their own accord. They want to be there. They love it as much as I do, it makes them happy. They look forward to it, they get their own rides to it. They show up after work, before work, instead of work. They're coming out of the woodworks. And it's not because of me, it's because of how cool ultimate is. It's a great sport. These people want to be there, just like I do. It's a great group of kids, and it's just gonna keep getting greater. We're always open to new people showing up, we're generally pretty nice to them. Sometimes we're a little mean to the locals, and I feel bad about that. But the important thing is, they love it too, it's not just me tricking them in to it. That's a good feeling.

Blogaday. What a crazy ridiculous adventure. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Ratings haven't gone up, that's for sure. It all runs together in the end.

There was an interesting phenomenon this evening. First off, you must understand that I love driving, especially at night. I love driving around when there's not too many cars around, and you're just going. You're not speeding, you're just sorta driving. You know that eventually you're gonna get home, but you're not in any real rush. There's nobody behind you making you feel stupid for driving slow. You're just moving along, and it's nice.

So, I'm driving home from frisbee around 11:30, and listening to the radio. I'm not too much of a radio-guy, I don't like the ads much. I don't like alot of the music. So I'm sorta surfing around, and I find one station that is playing the old school love song that they always use in the movies. Whenever they want someone to be dancing in 1960 in the movies, they're playing this song. So, I'm moving along these abandoned roads, cozy in my reliable minivan, listening to this song. And really, for the first time in a really long time, I started to feel a little romantic. I don't think that's the right word, it wasn't what I was looking for, but it's the best I could do for now.

But anyways, for the first time in ages I wasn't all "Love is a waste of time." Now, I'm not exactly all "love is a waste of time" all the time, but I haven't been too keen to run around searching for a significant other. The way I see it, life is pretty good right now, and there's no reason for me to go around changing that.

In short: I haven't liked anyone, or had the great desire to like anyone for a long time. Driving in the car tonight, I didn't start liking anyone, didn't feel the need to start liking anyone. But for a little bit there, I started to remember what stuff like that felt like. To shed off a few layers of the old bitter and lazy heart and feel good for a while. Sentimental, maybe that's the word.

Anyways, it was really nice. Cool music, good times. I really enjoyed it.

So what's the news? the news is that it's bed time. G'night all, this is Christopher Thatcher, signing out of blogaday day 6.


Courtney said...

aww, cute. lol. being a moocher is always fun. :D me and molly love to be moochers at great harvest. :D in short,life is good.

Nick said...

Yay for mooching bread
Honey, bread, butter, oh my!
Great Jungle Harvest

I like breezes, too
Overcastedness is good.
You think too much though.

Frisbee was awesome
Some sentimental feelings
To round out the post