Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So, I really did mean to post today. I had hours and hours of free time, so I ended up taking a really huge nap instead of doing anything productive. D'oh.

First day of school. It was really good, I'm super excited for this year. My 'A' days are super super easy. I've got seminary in the morning, Junior choir second, lunch, AP american History, then athletics. It's going to be cake.

My B days are going to be harder, but I think they're going to be really fun. Chemistry in the morning with coach, crazy math, English, then Physics with my main man Olsen. Gonna be good.

It's late. I wish it wasn't. Sometimes I really don't like the clock.

I meant to write about the proles today. I didna. I meant to have a little fun tooling around with the water, that didna work either.

Yawn, I'm pretty tired. I think that I'm going to retire. Something fun tomorrow? Yeah, I sure hope so. Things are good, school is going to be great. There's a region dance coming up in a couple weeks, I'm going to be there and be raging.

Frisbee is coming up pretty fast. I don't know when club rush is, but expect some mad action. We've got to get some stuff finished before then. I/we need to get a real logo worked out. Nobody likes my oldschool idea, so we're gonna have to try something new.

The alliance project is still getting kicked around in my noggin. Anybody willing to join, leave a comment.

So... yeah. That's all. Have a good night everybody, I'll see y'alls later. Something good tomorrow.

"If there's hope, it lies with the proles..."


Courtney said...

is the alliance project the Taylorsville Co-Op thing? Cuz I think that sounds amazing

Jason said...

Willing to join.

Club Rush should be sometime in September, maybe in like 2 weeks.

Kent in our AP English is a fag...

Anonymous said...

Peruaded to join. Thank Nick.

P.S. I'd just like to know how you manage going on without the minimun hours of 7 1/2 for sleeping. Please teach me that technique.

Nick said...

Haha, w00t.

Frisbee club = t3h r0XX0rz. Yes, I really did just say that.

Alliance = co-op, yes.

Alliance = als0 t3h r0XX0rz.

Man... I need a life.

Jaron Frost said...

There ARE free little web-sites out there we could get, and/or there is the option here on Blogger that lets you have a team of people, all working on one blog. I see potential there. But that could just be another one of my not-that-good ideas ;)