Thursday, August 17, 2006

Clovis and Teflon

More paint. I think I was pretty accurate on the details. I even included the green cover that Andrew managed to bust.

Today I was really really burnt out on CC. I decided willfully to miss practice. Probably a bad idea, but it's the choice I made. I slept till about 10:30, then got the first chapter of history 90% done. I read through it all, got all the events and junk down on a paper. Now I've just got to go through, put them in order, and put the important ones down on the timeline. Score it.

School is dang close, and I'm getting excited. AP physics? With Olsen? C'mon, that's just quality time.

I had a cat once.

So, one of these days you're gonna get a real post that isn't a paint sketch. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the sketches. Sure, you say that you can draw better with your eyes closed. Sure, you say you've seen squirrels with more artistic ability than myself. Sure, my girlfriend ended up being a 45 year old trucker. The important thing is that I'm trying, and I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your killer statements to yourself.


Ok, just kidding. seriously.

So what's the deal with cardboard?

I think that's all for now. I'm a tired individual. There's probably a good post coming soon, or something like that. In the meantime, enjoy life. Get your homework done, don't procrastinate any longer. It's go time.

Frisbee Friday is still going on. It's going to be alot better than last week. The last frisbee friday of the summer is going to be intense. It's not this week, but the next. I'm not sure what we're gonna do, but with any luck it's going to be raging. Alrighty, Frisbee club is still a go. Going to be insane good. I'm still not entirely sure what we're gonna do with the logo yet. Kyle gave me some cool ideas tonight, so I'll try that out tomorrow. Maybe we'll have a logo contest once school starts and we've got a club. Anyways, that's gonna be cool and all.

So, tomorrow I go to practice in the morning, and then go and work at Jolenes. Yeah, I'm actually behind the register this time. Every other time I've been moving boxes or setting up stores of whatever. Nah, I'm going to be the person who sells people dresses. When somebody calls, I'm going to have to answer, in my manliest voice: "Thank you for calling Jolene, this is Christopher." Yeah. I can't remember the last time a guy answered a phone at one of those stores. The fact is, guys don't work there. It's a dress shop, girls work there. Girls shop there. The only guys that ever enter the store are people that are married and are dragged their by their ferocious wives.

Which brings me to my next point: What's the deal with giant ground sloths anyways? I mean really, I'm more ferocious than that guy. Look at him, he's extinct! Whereas I'm still alive and kicking. Which explains why you should all go on a date with me and not with him. Cause he's extinct and all.

If I were a flower, I think I'd ask if I could be a hot air balloon instead. I just think that'd be more fun than being a flower. Hot air balloons can't do photosynthesis, but they do fly. Very few flowers fly. Only the flying kind actually fly, and that's more of a gentle glide anyways.

Then again, hot air balloons are sorta glidy and floaty as well. So it's really catch 22.

Ooooooh, now to the important stuff. This is where I stop acting like I'm crazy and actually talk about something important. The CC team is going a carwash this saturday from 9 AM to 12 at T-ville. It's 5 bucks for a car, 8 bucks for a truck or SUV or van. Now, we really need some fundraising. And I know you've all got people who need their cars washed. So hey, come support your local team. You know you want to. Remember, I give back to the environment. This blog is made from 80% recycled materials. 40% of that recycled material is recycled cross country musings. Therefore, you're not only supporting the team, you're supporting the blog.

Show your T-ville pride. Let me wash your car. C'mon, please?

Which brings me to my next point: She's going out with him? ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh.

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Anonymous said...

chris you are one weird kid lol.Though the thought of seeing you selling girls dresses is almost enough to want me to come up lol.Maybe ill call you and ask for something pink and frilly and ask for your recomendations lol.haha.. bored in saint george.. but hey at least i have a cool job!