Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dvorak for the win

hi, i really want to write this in dvorak. dvorak is teh uber. im gonna get good at this.

Ok, now that that's taken care of. My brother just introduced me to dvorak. It's the alternate keyboard lay out that's uber efficient. The letters are placed differently, more efficiently. It's so uber.

I'm really slow with it right now, I've only been practicing for half an hour. But ya know what, I think I want to get good at it. I'm thinking that with enough practice, I could bump my words per minute up from 90 to about 150. That'd just be cool. You'd get even longer blogs, and it'd take me less time! Yes!

So really, it's late. like, 11:50 ish. I really want to go to bed. And the truth is, I am going to. There's a huge post I've already prepared. I had to go work jolenes today, so I kept a journal. It's got timestamps, it's got events, it's got everything.

I gotta tell you, I suck at my job.

So there's gonna be something super fun for you tomorrow. There was alot of cool stuff that went on at Jolene's today. Lots of fun adventures in the parking lot. Adventures all around.

...And really now, what's more fun than driving on I-80 without a rear view mirror?

So, yea verily, I'm off to bed. I hope you've all had a good day and all that jazz. Tomorrow: greatness.

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Courtney said...

hmm, alternate keyboards. sounds fun. i think i'll stick to what i know best, tho. :D yeah for courtney not liking changes. :D