Sunday, August 13, 2006


This is just the appetizer. I'm too tired to write a post. However, there is a post coming tomorrow. This post just exists to let everyone know what I'm back from scout camp, and that scout camp was crazy crazy good. Big post detailing that tomorrow and all.

So, yeah, it's been a good week. How's all your weeks been? I leave the valley for 6 days and things go crazy. Oh well, it's all good.

Anywhom, this is Christopher Thatcher, all tired and all. I'm the canoeing king of the world, that's pretty cool. Tomorrow is Sunday, Sundays are good. I've got a few good ideas for the blog, I'll roll them out sometime this week.

So, this next week I really gotta work on that homework. I gotta get some frisbee propaganda worked out as well. It's gonna be an adventure. There's a very loud duck/goose somewhere around my house quacking at us all. It's 12:16 AM, go to bed you crazy feathered animal.

Yeah, alright, g'night all. See you tomorrow. Maybe some paint for you if I feel like it, maybe some more story. Tell me what you want to hear, I'm a man of the masses. G'night.


Courtney said...

Thatcher!!! Welcome home. You're right, the valley is in chaos. I'm excited for your post. :D yay.

riss. said...

i went to frisbee. I have an excellent time. for reals. I'm gonna be a regular from now on.