Friday, October 03, 2008

Change My Life Blogaday - Day Twelve

1:55 AM.

It feels early, which is the scary part here. My current mood is pretty contented. I read my physics chapter today and did the whole assignment. That was my goal for the day, and I got it done. It feels good to have it done. The assignment used to be due tomorrow night, but it got changed to Monday. In any event, it's taken care of, and that feels really good.

I sluffed recitation today in order to stay home and read the chapter. I think it was a pretty good call. I didn't have a quiz in there today. I got up at about 11:40, ate, then read my chapter. Had I gone to recitation, I'd have had to get up, get ready, walk to the fine arts building (at least a 15 minute walk) and then try to read in the uncomfortable desk. So, I don't really condone sluffing. But it worked out well for me today.

I've been doing better with schoolwork lately. Me and Andrew are in the midst of a food crisis now though. We should have gone shopping for milk a couple of days ago, but never did. We're going home tomorrow, so it seems like a waste to go tomorrow. So, we'll probably get milk on Monday. Or better yet we'll buy some at home and bring it up. That'd be sweet. In any event- it's interesting to see how life consists of more than schoolwork. Just because I'm doing okay in physics now doesn't mean that I don't have to worry about food. It's a good system.

So... not too much deep thought going on right now. So I'll just run with a few ideas, since that's the business I'm in.

I'm going home tomorrow for the first time in a month. I know a month isn't that long, but as far as I know, that's the longest I've been away. I don't really miss home. I really love being there, and I really love my family, but I don't feel a gaping hole in my life when I'm not there. I don't call my mom nearly as often as I should. It's just not something that comes up. I know she'd like to hear from me, so I should work on that. But I am very excited to go home. Not for any particular reason, but I'm just happy to go be there. It's so cool that it's different now though, you know what I mean? Going home was something I used to do every day after school. Now it's a really big treat. It'll be fun to see my family and give my mom a big hug. Dad's cool too.

Ultimate class today was really fun. I felt like I played pretty well. My throws and placement is getting a lot better. I still make some dumb choices sometimes, but I think I'm becoming more capable. I had a thought tonight- I'm pretty sure I can make myself a better ultimate player just by deciding to be. I'm not saying that I can take my skills to the next level, but I can play harder than I do. I don't mark (that means defend the guy with the disc) very aggressively unless it's Levi and I'm mad at him. When I'm mad at Levi I can usually get a hand-block. When I'm marking other people, though, I sort of let it slide. I know I won't go 100 percent on hand blocks just because I want to, but I can pressure them more and make their life harder. That's something I want to start doing. I want to be tenacious. I had some cool plays out there today, but I'd like to be known for tenacity. That's just a good word.

Happy Birthday to Kyle tomorrow (friday). We didn't get anything cool set up for him as roommates, but I hope he has a good day anyhow. He's a good kid. I'm very glad we're buddies and that I'm living with him. We give him grief, but it's cause we love him.

Not a bad day at all. I took a nap (or two) when I didn't really have to. That hurts my progress towards getting to bed at a decent time.

I wonder if things are temporarily easier or if I really am getting better at all this. I still have really tough moments, but this week has been better. I'm appreciative of that.

How'd I do at changing my life? Not too much changed today. But I feel good about the way I lived my life today. I feel good about the progress I made with classwork. Tomorrow looks like it should be pretty good. I don't have too much I absolutely have to do, and I'm really looking forward to going and being with my family. So this is me, signing out for the night. 2:10 AM. Late, but doing alright up here. Much love from Logan. Keep up the good work friends. It's going to be a good life, I'm thinking.

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