Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christopher Thatcher - Day Eighteen

Happy 450th post, The Other Dentist.

I think that after day 24 I'll go back to the old style. You know, with real titles instead of auto-generated ones. While I do love the simplicity and cohesion of it all, it'll be fun to use titles again. I'll also probably drop off on posting, but we'll see. My readership has gone up tons by posting every day. Watching the stats, the two nights that I didn't really post dropped down considerably. But hey, it's not about readership, is it?

It's super late. Today was whack. I slept through some stuff I shouldn't have, and then took another nap on top of that. But I accomplished most of the stuff I wanted to. Tomorrow has a ton of work lined up for me because of what I didn't do today. But I've got time to do it, and I hope that I can. It's plausible :)

I took a good look at my current academic standing tonight. I ran a few simulations of final grades for my classes, to find out what my final GPA will be for the term. The most realistic of these simulations sees me getting a 3.73 final, which is more than high enough to hold on to my scholarship. I'd like to pad that up further, but that's what I'm shooting for right now. That all hinges on good performances on the two remaining physics tests and the two remaining calc tests. That means I need to start attending physics class again, and start being on time to calc again. But I think I can pull it off. Like me and Nike said, I know how far I have to go.

So, ridiculously scheduled day. But not a total wash like I thought it might be. This one goes in the "done" pile. Not because all the work it had was done, but because it's over. Tomorrow's the day for me. I read a physics chapter tonight, but I have a whole assignment to do tomorrow. Shouldn't be too terrible. Calculus assignment as well. Double stacking those is a bit of a nightmare, but not something I can't do.

Today wasn't great for my academics. But mission prep went really well, and I felt pretty good about most of the things I'm working on. I had a good time talking to friends tonight and being with my roommates. Me and James made a delicious cake from scratch, it was great. Brad finally started playing KOTOR, so me and kyle have more temptation than ever. Not a wash, and that's good news.

Tomorrow's another day. Time for study, then time for sleep. Thanks for being around friends. You're pretty cool. I'm trying up here. That's great news.

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