Friday, September 26, 2008

Change My Life Blogaday - Day Five

2:01 AM- Didn't even try.

Okay, so I tried a little bit early on in the day. But I wasn't the powerhouse of awesomeness that I wanted to be today.

I realize now that my expectations for today, the ones I talked about last night, were pretty unrealistic. I realized that then, too, but looking back it's a lot easier to say.

So, it's 2:02. My calculus assignment isn't done, and I don't really plan to get up and finish it. I worked on it for some time, on and off, and I really feel like I've got the ideas down solid. There's a lot of messy algebra that I do poorly at, and it was taking a lot of time.

I abandoned attempts to finish that assignment in order for me to do the practice exam that professor cannon gave us. It was six questions, and I feel really good about how it went. There were a few small things that I need to brush up on, but nothing major. I was able to do almost all of what was asked. I really love the idea of practice exams. I feel good about my prospects in there.

So, I'm taking a hit on the assignment, but it's for the best I think. Plus I get to drop the lowest for assignments in there anyways. I'll get a 3/10 or a 4/10 on this one, so it's not a complete loss. I'm alright with the situation. I do recognize that I could have played it better. But that's the way things are right now.

I woke up at about 11. So, didn't make my goal there either. Not beating myself up about it though. I really don't feel that bad about it right now. I actually feel pretty comfortable with stuff.

I only have two classes tomorrow- calc at 9:30 then physics at 11:30. I'll be back at the apartment eating lunch at about 12:40 it looks like. Not bad at all. I've got a pretty hairy physics assignment, but it shouldn't be too formidable. Tomorrow looks pretty doable.

Me and Andrew had a good talk last night. Both of us had trouble getting to bed because it was earlier than usual for both of us. So technically I was in bed pretty early, but I spent a long time talking to Andrew, which was nice. We talked about the whole marriage deal more than anything else. It was a pretty cool conversation. I like talking with my brothers about all of that stuff, because we're pretty similar on a lot of stuff. We have reasons for the things that we think, and so we agree and understand each other well. It's fun when the other guy doesn't think that your fears and insecurities are stupid.

So there was a lot of thought put into that sort of stuff last night and today. Not a big deal by any means- nobody get excited.

Ultimate was really good today.

Not so much to talk about tonight. So I'm going to run like the wind.

As far as changing my life goes: Today was still an improvement over the past month. I started working on my calc pretty early. My execution wasn't great, but I made an effort and learned the material pretty well. I made a good strategic choice to pursue the practice test instead of the assignment, since it's worth so much more right now.

Tomorrow looks good. It's time to study then head to bed. I hope that you're all doing well. Keep up the excellent work. Much love friends~

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Rachel Frost said...

Haha. Changing your sleep habits is a lot harder than it sounds. When I say I'm tired, people always tell me to "go to bed, then!" but it's not like I can just wish my body into sleep mode whenever I want. I have little sleep-windows. Anyway. Not that you really wanted to hear about that.

I'm glad you're doing well. Deep discussions are the best, aren't they? They're relaxing and bond-making.

Have fun with that math stuff. :P