Thursday, September 11, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Twenty-Three

Happy Wednesday world. It was free hug day today on campus. I got a hug from three girls and one safe-hug from a guy. I was surprised that one of the girls actually gave a really good hug. I was doing my very best to give a very not-creepy free hug, but she gave a good hug anyways. It was a bold move. I mean, standing outside the TSC with a sign that says "free hugs" is a bold move by any standard, but to give a good hug? That's bravery. They told me I should give a hug to someone else. I didn't. Hmm.

Today was a pretty dramatic day for me. I was up till a little after four last night working on stuff and studying. I had taken a huge nap, so it wasn't as big of a deal as it could have been. I woke up at about nine to get to my nine-thirty class. I got ready pretty slow, and was ready to leave here at about nine-thirty five. I knew it'd take about 15 minutes to walk to class. I didn't have the heart to leave, so I sat in my chair and looked at the clock for a bit. I did some thinking and some praying, and finally got out the door at about 9:50.

I got there in time to turn in my assignment and hear 10 minutes of lecture. They were 10 very valuable minutes. I came home and took a nap through my dead-time and physics since I figured I wasn't going to get anything from the lecture anyhow. It was a good nap, and I felt really good about life when I got up to go to creative arts.

Creative arts was good, and my institute class was excellent. Left me feeling happy.

Me and Andrew had decided that we would get together at the library at 3:30 to do our statics homework. We're both in the class, and it makes sense to do it together. I'm always so impressed by Andrew's work ethic. If there's something he can't figure out, he simply works at it until he gets it. I don't do that. If I can't figure it out after giving it a valiant effort, I let it go. I don't know why I do that. I think it might be grandfather'd in from highschool where doing that wasn't a really big deal. We were at the library for what felt like two hours, no idea how long it really was. Andrew did four problems while I got two done. I had no desire to do it. We came home, ate, and I took a good nap.

It was sometime before, during, or after the nap in the hazy faze where I had the idea that I could drop statics. (James: statistics) I was at 18 credit hours and dropping two wouldn't hurt. I thought about it, talked to my academic advisor James, called my parents about it, talked with Andrew, prayed about it, and decided it'd be a decent thing to do. So I dropped the class.

This is a bold move. Something I never thought I'd actually do. This was unexpected.

But the truth of it is that I'm struggling with this stuff. I wasn't getting statics at all and it was stressing me out. It didn't have the same workload that physics or calc had, but it was still guaranteeing me at least three hours of work on one evening a week. I really feel like I want to change majors, so busting my back over this class when it might not actually do me any good seemed like a bad idea.

So I dropped it. I feel like I let Andrew down a bit, since we were partners in crime in that class. But this is what I want to do and I think it'll be best for me.

My brother Nathan talked to me about it tonight. That was really helpful. Nathan's a wise guy. He pretty much told me that I'm going to have to work hard. He talked about how college isn't about smarts anymore, and how I'm going to have to be more competitive. It was cool. It was a really nice blend of It's okay, you've got to do what's best for you and it's time to grow up. I really appreciated the good advice.

Today has run the gamut. I woke up a wreck, sluffed a class, took a nap and felt great, ate, took another good nap, dropped a class, talked to a few people, and then did a good physics assignment.

I dunno, this post is a lot more a story than most of them are. I don't like that style as much.

It's late. This post has sorta run itself into the ground. So I'm going to go work out a tiny bit and study. I hope things are going well for all of you. Happy Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...

I support your decision. You should always do what makes you happy. I'll support you missing physics if you understand the material, though I honestly don't know how sluffing in college with rub me at this point. The important thing is that your longterm progression isn't hurt by this decision, and it may have been helped. Keep pushing; I know that you're looking for answers about how this "college thing" is supposed to go. You'll get it, just don't give up. It just takes some faith of the less religious kind. You've definitely got the smarts to be successful, but don't look at this opportunity as anything less than that. It can open tons of doors for anyone if you just work hard. I know that I don't work very hard academically speaking, but no one is 100 percent on the choices they make academically, myself included. Just look around and try to figure out why you're here. You'll do alright.