Monday, September 29, 2008

Change My Life Blogaday - Day Nine

11:50 PM - Not too shabby.

Today was a good day for me. I felt like I did a pretty decent job. I didn't move too far forward with anything school related, but I did definitely hit 100% of my to-do list, and that feels great.

My calculus test this morning went pretty well I think. I know that I missed at least one- nobody likes the limit definition of the derivative anyways. But other than that I feel pretty confident about stuff. There wasn't anything on there that I hadn't seen before. There was some stuff that popped up that hadn't been on the practice exam, but I'm pretty sure I got it right. I'm really excited to see how I did.

Calculust: n; The ugly cousin of calculove- a feeling you get that makes you want to do math for you, not for the betterment of the world or for calculus' sake.

I fell asleep in physics again. I haven't stayed awake in that class for weeks. It's not like lectures are boring. My body just crashes and I don't care to listen because I don't understand. If there's one class that's going to kick my butt this semester, it's going to be physics. I need to change something there.

Creative arts was good, but my break between classes was better. I had decided last night that my goal was to stay awake for those three hours I had so I could get to bed early tonight. It was a pretty big stretch, but I actually did it. That first hour when I'm home all alone with nothing to do is pretty rough. But I did a lot of reading online and then I went on a run with brad. The run was really good. First run I've been on in Logan- yikes. I really should do it more often. But weather was absolutely perfect, and it felt really good to be out there. I know I'm not anywhere near top-form, but I didn't hurt like I thought I would. Ultimate has been good for me.

FHE was incredible tonight. The whole ward dressed up like hobos and we had a card-board-box-house making contest in the parking lot as families. We didn't win, but we made a DANG fine house. I'd sleep in it, no question.

How'd I do at changing my life today? Probably a seven out of ten. I met the goals I had set for myself in that I stayed awake during my break and I used that time to move forward with my life. I do lose points for the run though. Running is almost always a good thing to do, and there's no doubt that running was good for me today. But there was other stuff that I could have got done that would have been better for me. Running isn't really what I need right now. It did fulfill the goal, and it did keep me awake, but it wasn't quite physics homework. I played one 30 minute game of starcraft tonight too. That was 30 minutes of fun, but pretty wasted time. I could have done something good.

Seven out of ten is excellent. I get a bonus pat on the back for it being 11:58 PM right now. That's not 3 AM- that's excellent.

Looking to the future, what's next? Tomorrow is Tuesday. I must read a physics chapter and get ready for my institute class on wednesday. Those are the two most pressing things tomorrow. I don't have a math assignment to do tomorrow because of the test today. That's great news, and that opens up some time for physics. Because I don't have a class till noon, I could get up and use the time to make my life better. Mornings have historically been a weak-point for me. But hey, isn't that what changing my life is all about?

I've been throwing that term out a lot lately. "Change my life". I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I'm serious about it. Sometimes. I know that I need to, sometimes I just don't work on it. Moving towards optimum is important.

Oh snap! Maybe I'll go play volleyball tomorrow night with the ward. I'm bad at volleyball, but I've been wanting to get better at it. I think that I'll take a volleyball PE class next semester if I can get in.

That's one thing I've been thinking about and being excited for. Just taking classes for the heck of taking them. I will take a horticulture class. I want to experiment with my PE classes too. My doctor told me to take a PE class, and so I'm going to do it. One a semester. It'll be fun and good for me.

So today was good, but I fear it was a little sheltered. There were no incredible storms that raged today. I made it through today just like I wanted to, but I worry that I haven't done enough to prepare for tomorrow. There's work to be done yet.

Today was a step. It's early, and I didn't take a nap. I've got enough left in me to study the way I want. I'm going to sleep well. So for now I'm going to bail. I hope that you're all doing well. Happy Monday evening. Sorry there wasn't much philosophy in this one tonight. I had a few cool thoughts last night that I'll probably write about soon. Not deep philosophical question thoughts, but those cool thoughts that are actually ideas of things I could do. Things like the powergym from back in the day. Stuff that's fun to write about a dream about. Maybe I'll write about them tomorrow night.

Much love, I hope you're doing well. I'm still working at this. I sometimes feel like this is my part-time job and that I should really make it my full-time job. I'm doing better at all of this, really. But sometimes I wish that I didn't forget for a few hours that I'm working to change my life. Sometimes I wish I worked hard straight through the whole day. I know I can't do that, but I wish I wanted to at least. I can't passively wait for my life to change. I gotta get out there and be the person I want to be. I'm going to work hard tomorrow and be a good student. I can do this. It takes work. More than part time work. Dedication and all of that.

This is Christopher Thatcher, signing out. I feel like there's something out there for me tonight. Something I haven't found yet, but something I'm hoping for. Goodnight friends. I'm off to chase life.

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