Sunday, September 14, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Twenty-Six

Day Twenty Six. Look at me go.

Today's been really good and a lot of fun. I didn't get any homework done at all, but I had a good time.

We hit the town for our weekly shopping adventure. We had a few errands to run and they all went really well. A few highlights-

*We had to exchange our router at Best Buy. They did this all with absolutely no hassle. It took us about two minutes. Brilliant customer service. They receive five stars out of five.

*Kyle had a problem with his cell phone, so he took it into the verizon shop to see what they could do for them. Within 15 minutes he had a brand spanking new phone- they just switched it straight across for him with no hassle. Once again, five stars out of five for verizon.

*We went grocery shopping at Lee's. Kashi Golean crunch (a super healthy cereal that tastes awesome and leaves you feeling great) was on sale for 4 boxes for ten dollars. I did a price-per-unit comparison against malt-o-meal cinnamon toast crunch, the stuff I was going to buy. Malt-O-Meal was something like 9.30 for the same ounces as Kashi was for 10.00. Best cereal deal I've ever seen. Thanks Lee's!

*I filled the van up with gas. I got it at $3.73. That means prices in Logan have been dropping. I know it's still ridiculous, but hey, at least it's getting better.

I felt pretty good about the economy today. As far as I can tell, things are going great ;)

Me and Andrew managed to play a few games of starcraft today.

*Me and Tyrel vs. Andrew and Ricka. Me and Tyrel won a decisive battle near one of my expansions thanks mostly due to some sweet psi-storming by my high templar. Their armies were gone, so me and Tyrel walked through and took out their expansions. At this point my computer (Ricka was playing on it) took a dump on itself and did a hard shutdown. More on that later. Still, victory clearly went to me and Tyrel.

*Me and Andrew vs. Dallin and Dave. Me and Andrew routed Dave and Dallin because they were very rusty. It's fun to play on Andrew's team.

*Me and Dave vs. Andrew and Dallin. Andrew decided to play on a 2v2 map, so I decided that if I randomed zerg I'd do the most aggressive zergling rush of my life. I did in fact random zerg, so I did a 6 drone -> spawning pool -> 6 zergling rush against Andrew's base. I got all of his drones before he had any zerglings out. He finally took out my 'lings, but shortly thereafter Dave showed up with 3 zealots and we took Andrew out of the game. Dallin didn't have much to stand up against me and Dave's attacks, and the game was over shortly thereafter. Total match time: 8 minutes 41 seconds.

So I went 3-0 on the day. Granted one of those games was entirely imba, but still.

Imba - ajd.: short for imbalanced, a term used to describe things that are too powerful or too stacked. Commonly used when talking about dota. "Man, that new hero is so imba, he better get patched soon."

I realized that the only people who would get my use of "imba" don't actually read my blog. So I defined it. This post certainly does not fall under my usual style. I've used two pseudo-bulleted lists as well as a definition. Rebellion?

No. Not rebellion.

And that's actually something I've been thinking about lately. (Notice that I'm returning to normal post mode) I'm writing tonight very differently than usual. Does that mean that things have changed? Does that mean that I have made a conscious decision to alter the way that I blog?

No, it doesn't. I have not come to a conclusion. This is the way that things are happening tonight, yes, but this does not come about because of a premeditated decision.

Things sort of change. Brownian motion and all that.

I guess what I mean to say with all of this is that I don't have it all figured out. And even if I make a decision or move forward on something, well, that doesn't mean that I understand. That's one thing that I fear about the blog. I fully intend to write a post about something that I experienced a couple of nights ago. The main jist of the post is that in order to understand life, sometimes we need to treat it like the way we treat light in physics. We don't have a comprehensive understanding, but we can break it down into littler parts and use those sometimes.

Just writing that synopsis sentence makes me feel so, I don't know, determined. Like I've figured this out. And, truth be told, I feel like I figured a little bit more out that night. I feel like I've got it just a little bit better. But that doesn't mean that I'm not so uncertain about everything that sometimes I'm a little bit terrified. It doesn't mean that I'm never going to go back and wonder about it again. It doesn't mean that I'll always remember what I learned.

I used to think that girls had these master plans. Way back in the day, junior high style. I used to think that they'd sit down and establish a plan of how to get a certain guy to like them or how to get two guys to like them at once and then play both cards at once. I really used to think that people had master plans.

And the more that I live life I start to believe that everybody is as uncertain as I am. There are things that I am certain about. And those are incredibly important things. But there are also a ton of things that I just don't know about. And my opinion and the way that I feel about those things changes all the time. Emotional ADD, if you will.

In a post, I've wanted to write a bit that compares the way I feel about picking a major to the way I feel about dating a girl. The two run into a lot of the same conflicts in my mind. I have resisted the desire to write that, though, because I know that girls do actually read this blog. And I love that. But I've sort of made it policy not to talk about stuff like that here. I've done it a bit. Sometimes under a guise and other times just straight out.

I've always wanted to go back and analyze all that. Sort of spill the beans afterwards. Point out all the interesting things that happened. Point out lines I wrote back in the day and what they really meant. There are a few that I still know about, from a few years ago actually, that meant something that I doubt anybody got ;)

There are more, however, that I know I've forgotten about. My desire at the time of writing those was to sort of go back, one day, and explain things. But if things have changed since then, I don't have that same desire now to go back and explain those feelings that existed at that time.

But there are a lot of things I'd like to say that I simply don't. Melissa wrote a line a few days ago about stuff like that. "There are a lot of thoughts in my mind right now, but I think I'll leave them for later or never we'll see what happens."

That whole "later or never" thing seems to happen a lot. I used to want to write about that. There was a gap of what feels like 20 minutes between wanting to write that and this sentence now. I had to search for the quote on Melissa's blog, so that took a bit of time. My bloodsugar was a bit low, so I went and snagged a glass of milk (still a bit low, by the way, but coming up). I took my contacts out and some stuff like that. So time has passed, and I'm not as interested in pursuing that line of thought.

Tonight's post could become very long. My thoughts aren't incredibly deep like they are some nights, like those nights after frisbee friday when I come and write something that I always love later. But my thoughts feel moderately deep. And they feel very broad. I'm thinking a lot of things about a lot of things. I know it's late, but I almost fear so much losing this. It's one of those things that sort of feels like something I should appreciate and tap while I've got it. So, I might just go and blitz a bunch of ideas. I know I won't be able to explore them like I want to, but I think I'll roll with it for a bit.

My body has changed over the past year. I know that sounds SO awkward, but I'm not talking about awkward stuff (and now a general big sigh of relief from the audience). I'm talking about diabetic stuff. Nothing huge, but my body takes a bit more insulin to do now what used to take less insulin to do back in the day. That's just something that happens. Since moving to Logan I've noticed that when I feel like my bloodsugar is low, it feels a bit differently than it used to. I don't feel as low as I used to when I'm low.

I'm not complaining by any means. I'm just noticing that things have changed a bit. Over a relatively short time period, too.

I've been using the normal :) emoticon in messenger tonight. I never ever used to use that emoticon. If I wanted to smile I always used the big one, :D. I find emoticons fascinating. I spent a part of my life really hating them. I find now, however, that I use them more than most other people. I find it so cool that we use emoticons to express things we feel. Emoticons, while they do simulate things that exist in real life, are more or less entirely isolated and new in the world of language. Funny how when we're restricted to text and a few pictures, we use those pictures to mean things. Emoticons mean things to me. I use them for stuff. I never use emoticons when I don't feel like I should.

I have this fear that this post will get too long. It'll become unwieldy. So I think I'll wrap up with a list of posts I'd like to write. You know how I am- I rarely write posts that I've premeditated. But still.

-Life and Light; Why physics makes me feel better about myself
-Stalker 2 (another one of those when I write things in a little notebook all day and then transpose it onto a post at night. I did one in sophomore year)
-A big strong review of my first month of college
-A big strong review of logan blogaday

I'm pretty tired now. I'm sorry this post is so long and sort of everywhere. I hope that you're all doing excellent. Much love. Have a great Sunday tomorrow. Or today, really, since it's late and all that. You know what I mean.

Goodnight friends. Much love.


Kortney said...

I like reading your blog no matter how long it is. ;)

Jaron Frost said...

I think out of all our friends in the Blogosphere, I'm probably up near the top as far as confessing personal things go. (But maybe everyone feels that way.) There are still a few select things I won't say, though. I guess everyone has those.

It usually gets me in trouble, but I just get this idealistic fantasy about "hey, we're all human beings, we're all friends, and life is what it is, so why not share it in all its glory?" But people don't generally respond too well to that. In fact, the post I just wrote tonight sorta pushes that envelope. I feel that it's okay, though. I don't name names, and things like that do happen to people all the time. I guess we'll see how everybody responds, but I do wish everyone in the world would open up a bit more and also be more respectful of those personal things we'd all share. I think the human race would be better off for it.

Jaron Frost said...

Thanks for the comment on said post. :D