Thursday, September 18, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Thirty?!

Whoa! Day Thirty? That's insane! That one definitely snuck up on me out of nowhere. But I'm happy for it, I guess. Not too bad. I don't intend to stop blogaday once my 31 day commitment is over, just so you all know. I might shake things up a little bit, but I don't foresee any major changes in my posting habits. At least I hope not. I've been enjoying this. I think it has been really good for me. And it's so great to have a community again. I like that even though some of us are pretty far apart we can still support each other. That's good stuff right there.

Today has actually been really really good. It's just a little bit before 3 AM right now, so it's still super late, but I accomplished some good things today. I got to calculus with about 10 minutes left of class. That means I missed almost all of the lecture, but at least I got my assignment turned in. Luckily the stuff we were covering didn't look too beefy. I think that if I read the section real carefully a couple of times I ought to be able to get it down.

My break between calculus and Physics was an important one today. I've only managed to stay awake for that one-hour break about three times in all the fifteen or so that I've tried it. It's still relatively early in the morning, and unless I'm up moving around I tend to get really drowsy. I always say I'll read my physics chapter, but I usually get one section out of eight read and then fall asleep on the book. Sometimes I intentionally sleep through it.

But today I went to the computer lab and sat next to Molly. I'm pretty sure she didn't notice that it was actually me right there, since I was pretty sneaky about stuff and didn't say hello, but I thought I was cool for being so ninja like.

So I updated myself on all the new blog posts, read some news, read some slashdot, you know, made the rounds. I finally sat down and started looking at majors again, and that was pretty cool. A couple of days ago I made a big list of majors I'd be interested in looking at. I didn't filter out much- if it sounded like I might enjoy it I put it on the list. I didn't have that list today, but I went through a lot of the ones that I remembered and just checked out their pages on Utah State's website. It was pretty cool. It felt good to actually be doing something about the situation, you know? I didn't make any decisions or anything, but I found some stuff that I'd never looked at before that looked pretty fun. Business information systems looks like it might be sorta cool, but so does a lot of other stuff. Parks and recreation? You better believe I looked into it.

As I walked on campus today I had a thought. I could actually be a high school teacher. I've always sort of neglected that idea because I know that it doesn't pay all that well. My financial philosophy, though, is that I can be completely happy and comfortable and taken care of regardless of how much money I make, provided that I manage it well and don't fall victim to lifestyle inflation. Putting the money idea aside, teaching is actually quite alluring.

Teaching is something I've always enjoyed. I get all giddy when I have a captive audience. It's something that I think I'm fairly good at too. Okay, I'm not actually saying I'm "pro" or anything, but I'm saying that it falls within the basic skillset that I seem to have. I obviously have a TON of work to do to move forward with it. Teaching would give me an opportunity to do good in the world, and that's something I'm very interested in doing. I also thought a bit about the administrative route. I do like being in charge, you know.

So I'm not saying I'm jumping on that wagon just yet, but I'm going to look into it a little more. It's worth investigating, just like a few other things are.

I had an incredible institute class today. Brother Manning, my teacher, is a super good person. He does his best to be sensitive and to follow the things he's supposed to follow. It's a mission prep class, and it makes me happy. Me and one other guy, Jake, sang "I am a Child of God" together in front of the class today. It was part of the lesson, and it was just cool to be able to do that. First off, that we were all okay with each other so that we could do that. Second, that Brother Manning called on the two of us knowing that we'd be okay with it. Yeah, I sing loud during the opening hymns, and he knew Jake was musical, but still, pretty awesome. It was just a great lesson, and I felt a lot of important things through all of it.

I worked today to follow through on those things that I felt like I should do. I wanted to say hi to everybody that I met as I walked home from that class. I didn't do that... I got about 2/17 I think. But still, that's two. I finally got some oil and consecrated it, and I feel great about that. That's something that I should have done a while ago, but it just feels so good to have it now. It's, well, the epitome of manliness, this stuff that we do. I like it.

Today was an excellent day, and I'm feeling good about things. It's 3:13 AM, for a lot of reasons. Tomorrow's thursday, and I think I understand most of what's going to be asked of me.

One final thought for the night before I go. I feel ready to move forward on a few things. Which is a great change from this past month of uncertainty and doubt about whether I'd ever be able to move forward. It's nothing huge, but I feel like I'm ready to be nice to people. I had a thought tonight that being unkind was just so plain childish. I feel ready to put that behind me and start being nice to everybody. A lot of that focuses on my roommates. I don't know if any of us noticed it, but it seemed like we were all doing a better job tonight being kind to each other. We joked around, some of that was good and some of that was bad, but we were mostly kind to each other, and I love the way that that feels. I just, well, feel ready to make that step and commit to being nice. I think that counts being kinder to everybody else too. I just want to be a nice guy.

Tomorrow is a bold new day with a bold new calculus assignment for me to conquer. I'm excited about what I can learn about it tomorrow. I'm excited to see how tomorrow can make me grow. Today was a good day for me.

I hope that you're all doing well. I'm really glad we're all in this boat together. We're pretty cool, I'm thinking. Have a great night or day, whenever you read this, friends. I'll catch you all later. We'll do something cool when that happens. Yep. Goodnight friends!


Kortney said...

High school teacher eh? That's definitely my plan for my career. :)

Jaron Frost said...

You'd be a great teacher. Honestly, you'd be good at anything you were passionate about. I agree with you on the money thing. It's not so much about how much you make, but how you use it... that was actually our lesson in Institute this week (Rachel and I are in a "Gospel and the Productive Life" class... basically how to use gospel principles in everyday life).