Monday, September 15, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Twenty-Seven

Hey, great Sunday to you all.

It really was an excellent day. Church was so good today. I learned and felt a lot of things that I really needed. It made me feel really good.

It's now 2:35. I got 40% done with a calc assignment and figured it was time for bed. I'm going to try to wake up tomorrow and get it done. Why is it that math is always my first class of the day?

I have a physics test tomorrow. I feel pretty good on all the material except one chapter that I didn't really read. Hopefully I can get it finished inbetween calc and physics tomorrow morning. No guarantees there, but I'll try. I don't really know what to expect for the test, so I'm hoping it goes well.

Ah, there's so much that I decided today that I want to write about. Moving forward on some things, it feels really good. I'm on the brink of something. Today feels good. I'm debating whether to put a gag-order in place in my life. It's... not something I want to do. But I feel like it'd help a few things. I don't know, more on that in the coming days probably.

Asics (a shoe company) had an incredible slogan a few years ago. It was simply "Asics: Keep Running". It was so minimilistic and beautiful.

That's sort of the new plan. I need to start taking life one day at a time. Trying to get the future figured out from here to there isn't really working. I need to live today first. Not to say that I won't plan for the future. I just need to worry about today. If I can be good today, well, that's what's important for today, right? When tomorrow comes, I'll do my best to be good on that day too.

There was a good quote I liked today. I'm not gonna get it perfect. Some mathematician, when asked how he got so good at his field so fast said, "By studying the masters, not the pupils."

Pretty cool. I wish I had more time to write, but I'm scrambling to get out of here. I hope you're all doing well. Much love, I'll catch you all on the flip-side.

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Jaron Frost said...

A gag order? How come? :(