Friday, September 05, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Seventeen

Hey, happy 400th post everybody ;)

I'll do a celebration or something like that once blogaday is over. For now, I'm happy to be at the end of a really really good day up in Logan.

Today was probably the best day of classes I've had so far. Coming off of last night's success at static homework, I was feeling pretty chipper this morning as I got ready for class. Me and Andrew made it to statics on time, turned in our assignments, and sat to take notes. For the first time ever I totally followed everything the professor said. I was eating it up, taking killer notes, and totally following on the examples. Most of that was because of the homework last night, and I feel really good about that. Score one for statics being great today.

I took the liberty of sluffing my physics recitation today. Call me a slacker, but I don't feel that bad about it. I probably won't do it too much in the future, but I'm happy about stuff. I spent some good time with Andrew instead, joking around about stuff. I also hung out with Kyle and Levi a bit. I spent a while working on my Graphics assignment and thought up a pretty sick vehicle to design.

Ultimate class was good. My play was pretty poor, but I did a fair amount of hustling that made me happy. I even laid out for one sweet end-zone reception, so that made me feel good about myself.

Graphics, for the first time ever, didn't suck. This was actually an awesome day in there because I stayed up with the professor the whole time. That has never happened before. Ever. I made everything work perfectly, it was awesome. I left that class actually happy.

We delivered our bulltimatum to the Murray boys tonight. I don't think I told you, but we had to tone it down. We wrote the bulltimatum either Friday or Saturday night. At church on Sunday we had two lessons about pride. I was feeling like it was a very prideful bulltimatum, and I couldn't shake the image of the US men's basketball team getting third place in Athens in 2004. I knew that the pride was a bad idea, and I certainly didn't want to be put in my place like basketball was four years ago. So we rewrote a tiny little thing that basically "invites" them to play Ultimate. It's a bit of an improvement over the last one. I still like the creative writing of the previous version, but what can you do?

It's about 2:40, I finished my calc assignment about 10 minutes ago. I feel good about it. I didn't get every single question done, and I don't think I got every question right, but I'm okay with it.

It's late, and I'm driving home tomorrow (hooray!) so I should probably do my best to be able to stay awake tomorrow. But I've got two cool thoughts before I go to bed.

Thought one is a vision on something awesome. Calculus assignments are due about a week after they are assigned. I've been doing them the night before, of course. Statics is the same way. Assignments are due seven to nine days after we cover the material. These are my two classes with significant homework. I realized tonight that if I actually jumped on my assignments ahead of time, I could ask my professors questions during class about the things that I don't understand. That way I'd be almost guaranteed one hundred percent, and I'd learn 50% more. That sounds so sweet. It's entirely against my nature, but man, wouldn't that be one heck of a green pasture? I want to give it a shot, I bet that'd feel amazing.

My second thought is simply this: Rise up. Do you ever get tired of sucking? I sure do. Sometimes you just have to look at yourself and say, "Alright, it's time to get better at everything. It's time to work harder and be better. Go." And then you go. I've had a pretty bad attitude about school lately, as blogaday has shown. I've still been getting by, but I think it'd be cool to be a better student. I could learn more. I could do better on assignments. I could care more. There's a lot that I should care more about.

So that's my closing thought of the night. Rise up. Stop sucking so much. Be better. I like it.

I hope you're all doing great :) There's a weekend coming up very soon, isn't that incredible news? I'm headed home tomorrow, score! Free food, comfy bed, people who love me, no kyle. Who could ask for anything more?

Nah, really, Kyle's great. I wouldn't trade him for a pack of bubble-gum.

Goodnight friends. Good luck with everything. Keep up the good work. Keep me posted on all that cool stuff that happens. I'll catch you all on the flip side. Tomorrow I post from Taylorsville, score!

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