Thursday, September 04, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Sixteen

Hey Hey, happy day Sixteen. That's a perfect square, you know.

It's 3:39 AM. I finished my statics homework 15 minutes ago or so. Don't be like James and joke about me spelling "statistics" wrong. This is statics. It's not statistics.

I was ready to up and drop all my engineering classes about two hours ago. I had six statics problems to do tonight. One through four were beasts, but five and six were pretty good. I got a lot better at it as I went on. It was mostly trig, in three dimensions, of course. No one likes two-dimensions in college I guess. But I feel better about stuff. Still going to look hard at my options, but I'm not changing majors tomorrow like I was thinking about a few hours ago. Yay for actually getting work done.

I took a really big nap today, as well as a few smaller naps between classes and during physics. I really should have a better attitude about physics. I sort of figure that I'm going to have to teach myself the material anyways, so why bother trying to glean something from class when it's such an impossibility anyways? I should certainly have a better attitude.

Umm, yeah. Not a bad day. I'm super sore today from Ultimate. Sorer than I've been in a long time. It has gotten uglier as the day has progressed, but it's alright. Hopefully a few hours of good sleep will help me out a bit. I've got ultimate class tomorrow, but I'm not going to go practice with the club because I've got my connections class during half of it. My group isn't ready for connections tomorrow yet, haha. I haven't done my graphics homework either. Luckily I'll be able to make both of those up before I have those classes tomorrow. I might sluff my physics recitation. More than likely I'll actually go to my recitation but spend the whole time working on something else. That sounds like a pretty good use of time actually. If I don't go to the recitation I'll just sleep.

Buildings I've slept in so far: Library, Engineering, ESLC. Next target: Family life during creative arts. I hear we're watching a video next time.

No really, I am trying at this whole college thing. Sometimes I just wonder if classes are worth going to, that's all.

I had a good time being with my roommates today. Just talking with them all was great. Hopefully I'll do some more of that in the near future.

I need to do a calc assignment tomorrow. It shouldn't be too ferocious, I don't think.

Yeah, not too much briliance spilling out of my brain tonight so I think I'm going to run off to prepare for bed. I hope you're all doing well. Happy Wednesday. Even happier Thursday tomorrow. Keep up the good work, I'll catch you all later.


M-smash said...


Yep I'm really annoying.
I know.

Anonymous said...

It's statistics, with "I" "S" "T", seriously man. Come on. Maybe you've been playing too much KOTOR.;)