Monday, September 08, 2008

Logan Blogaday - Day Twenty-One

Three weeks? How'd that happen? Maybe my numbers are off. Or maybe it really is day twenty one. In any event, happy day twenty one folks.

Today was a pretty good day, albeit real long. I had my statics recitation for the first time today, as well as my physics lab. The physics lab wasn't bad at all, it was actually fairly fun, but it definitely lasted two hours.

I was working with a real smart kid from the DR. He did everything really well, and while his English wasn't great, we never had a communication problem. As lab partners go, he was a pretty good one. The truth remains, though, that I still prefer working on my own.

Maybe that's not entirely true. I do value teamwork, and I know that at times it is crucial. As far as academics go, though, I don't see it working too well. The problem with a lab is that I feel guilty if we both aren't doing all the work. I can see partner work going well when I'm like, "Hey James, you do part A while I do part B, and then we'll help each other out, yeah?" I really like the idea of delegation. But I don't know why two people have to work together. I mean, aside from not having enough workstations.

But it was a good lab, don't get me wrong.

I feel like I worked pretty hard today, and I'm happy about that. I still didn't do great staying awake. I dozed off in Physics (again...) and my statics recitation. I haven't done any homework tonight, but I did go grocery shopping, pay some bills, buy my tickets for creative arts, and other miscellaneous stuff like that. Not exactly everything I'd hoped to accomplish, but not all that bad.

So, still adjusting to all of this college business. It's not what I expected it to be, but it's not bad. It's harder than I thought it would be. There's a lot of role-changing going on all the time. 50 minute classes are nice, but it's hard to go from calc to physics to creative arts to accomplishing something to feeding yourself to recitation to physics lab to FHE to shopping to whatever. Not that I'm complaining. Just saying, lots of shifting around. Got to be on your toes and have a good attitude.

We challenged Murray to the game late last week and still haven't heard any word from them. We wanted Tuesday at seven, but since that's tomorrow and we haven't heard anything we're assuming they're not going to show. We're going to see if we can get them to play sometime Saturday morning, probably around ten.

Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day. A whole calculus assignment, physics quiz, honors assignment. Not a huge deal, and I've got some decent time tomorrow. I might go play Ultimate with the club just to get better, that'd be cool. Not sure though, that's a whole lot of time and work.

So, thoughts. Not sure if I'm actually going to write about them right now, but I've got a few. Nothing outstanding or groundbreaking or all that relevant. I like my creative arts class. Isn't that a crazy surprise?

Hey, it hasn't been a bad day. I didn't shoot 100 percent like I wanted to, and I'm not five days ahead of my homework, but I didn't do too bad. Tomorrow's another day and another chance to learn something and make myself more than I am today. Sorry it's a bit of a cop-out post, but I didn't get a nap today, give me a break ;)

Looks like bed before 2, that's sweet. It's only 12:17 right now, so I should be sitting pretty. I hope you're all doing well. Keep up the good work. Maybe I'll do something awesome tomorrow. Well, catch you all later~

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Jaron Frost said...

I like working on my own as well, at least if I understand what I'm doing. It just seems like more gets done that way. Glad to hear you're still doing good. :)